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  • Nathan Stone

Pink Plan Problems

As many of you may have heard, or experienced, T-Mobile has experienced some major issues between the beginning of June and now which have resulted in extremely slow speeds (less than 1mbps up or down) and in some cases complete loss of service.

Unfortunately information about this issue is not abundant, but we are doing our best to find a solution to get everyone back online.

From a statement released on June 16th by the T-Mobile President of Technology, Neville Ray, they acknowledged the problem and pointed to a fiber cut that cascaded into a system wide outage affecting 1/5th of their customer base.

More recently, over the July 4th weekend we have heard unconfirmed reports that there was a DNS issue in their network as well which resulted in complete loss of service for some customers for several days.

Additionally (because when it rains it pours) it appears that due to something related to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, the plan type we work with in their system was temporarily disabled. Fortunately we received communication on the evening of July 4th that the error was cleared up, however we continue to see odd issues with some of those plans.

So what does this mean for you?

Right now we are continuing to search and press for a fix. We are not certain what that is going to look like, but in keeping with our commitment to be transparent about all issues that could affect your connectivity, we want to make sure you are aware there is an explanation for these issues, and we are working diligently to overcome them. We will continue to give updates as we have new information available, and appreciate your patience as we work thorugh this.

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