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Major Blue Plan Adjustments Ahead

Since March of 2020 we have experienced a rocky period with AT&T which has resulted in extended outages, total loss of service, extreme congestion and slowdowns, and likely other unlisted issues.

During this time our AT&T partners notified us of extreme data usage happening on the AT&T mobile network which was causing their executives to take a closer look at unlimited data accounts since those accounts were responsible for the majority of the usage. While we saw AT&T begin to tighten down on prioritization and data abuse policies, we did not foresee a major change in the plans as a whole.

In May we we were finally notified by our partners that AT&T is eliminating access to their unlimited plan as a whole, and is transitioning all dealers to a 400GB data capped plan with unthrottled speed OR an Uncapped "12mbps" throttled plan. Essentially this was the carrier giving us the option of either a "pay per plate" trip to their buffet with a normal size plate, or an "all you can eat" pass to the buffet with a tea cup plate.

Not all grandfathered plans have been affected, and at this time we do not have a clue as to which plans have and will be affected as a result of these changes. What we can tell you is that as soon as an unlimited line goes dead we cannot replace it with another unlimited line.

As of late last week we were notified that the 400GB plan has been slated for cancellation on June 30th as well. As we understand it, any existing customers who are paying for a 400GB line will not lose that service, however we will be unable to offer new 400GB lines in the future.

Obviously this is a huge departure from the product offering we have always had from AT&T, so adjustments will need to be made by everyone to adapt if you choose to move forward with Olive IP. Those options are below.

  1. 1. Change to a Pink plan. Pink plans operate through the T-Mobile network, meaning if you have great T-Mobile service where you are, you are more than likely a great candidate for the T-Mobile service. If you have terrible T-Mobile signal where you are, you may want to think twice about converting. If you have any questions about your serviceability through T-mobile you can always check out their coverage map here.

2. Change to a 400GB capped Blue/AT&T plan until June 30th. Essentially this means you have 400GB of data to use inside of a 30 day billing cycle. If and when you exceed your 400GB allotment, you can choose to wait it out until the billing cycle renews, or renew it early at the same monthly cost of $95. If you have any questions about your data usage please take a look at this article to help you understand your usage. You can also view your data usage on your modem by accessing the GUI of your device. Take a look at the instructions for your device here.

3. Change to a 12mbps throttled Blue/AT&T plan. We will warn you that we have never seen one of these plans exceed 8mbps download, so our advertising on this plan is at 8mbps.

4. Cancel your subscription. Obviously not our favorite plan, but you need reliable internet service, and if we are unable to provide that for you then you should find a different provider. At this time we caution anyone about changing to a different LTE reseller partner as our understanding is that this change is being made from the top down at AT&T and is affecting all of their partners. With that said, you can always look for a fixed wireless option here. If you would like to cancel your subscription you may do so by emailing us at or by visiting our billing portal found here.

We apologize for the lapses in communication that likely caused some trouble on your end. Ultimately we (and no one we know who deals with AT&T in this capacity) were prepared for the problems that were created by the carrier. We have seen response times with all available channels in AT&T diminish substantially, sometimes taking weeks to do routine line maintenance. We have done our best to stay on top of the problems as they come, but our systems have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of trouble tickets, inquiries, and cancellations that have ensued as a result.

We have been blindsided by these changes, and have been doing our best to both understand the problems and come up with reasonable solutions, but as of right now, there is not much ground being given on their part.

We want to emphasize that we are NOT going out of business, and we are NOT expecting every AT&T based line to be disrupted, but we feel that it would be disingenuous to not notify you of the changes that are being forced and the risk those changes pose.

Thank you for bearing with us through this mess. We look forward to continuing to provide Better Internet as we all move forward.

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