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Blue Plan Service Changes

Over the last month or two we have seen major changes to how we are able to do business with AT&T, which in turn affects you as a subscriber. Beginning in February we began to see ripples of service disruptions which have steadily increased in impact and consistency. While our relationship to AT&T is in good standing, what we are finding is that Covid-19 has forced them to tighten down on some policies which negatively affect you as a subscriber, and the lack of transparency on their side has resulted in the extraordinarily long wait time to figure it out.

Here are the major changes that have taken place

1. Legacy plans are slowly being having a prioritization cap enforced.

If you are part of a legacy Blue subscription (you can probably tell if you are if you pay $90 or less per month), then your service line is under the microscope. These plans are consistently being deprioritized after 22GB of data usage. This is due to the strain on the AT&T network as a whole, mostly due to so many people being stuck at home round the clock. We have not seen much, if any deprioritization in the past, but these are not normal times and the carrier is taking measures to protect their network.

2. Some legacy plans are being terminated for data abuse.

AT&T's Fair Use Policy is fairly ambiguous about what constitutes as "data abuse", but in a nutshell they reserve the right to terminate service to anyone based on their usage habits. The main things that can get you in trouble are large file downloads in a short amount of time (75GB files in less than 3 hours is our estimation.) Large files can include, but are not limited to console games like Call of Duty, multiple HD movie downloads, or consistent 4K video streaming through a content provider like Netflix or Amazon Prime. When these FUP terminations take place we cannot contest them and we cannot offer refunds.

3. AT&T has released a list of individual modems which are banned from their network.

AT&T has disallowed service to specific modems/IMEIs. It has taken us a long time to uncover this, but we have found a handful of our customers who have been affected by this. The reasoning on the carrier side is their intent to eliminate modems and equipment that have previously been associated with other resellers who have perpetuated fraud or gone delinquent in their payment to AT&T. THIS IS NOT RELATED TO YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR YOUR STATUS WITH AT&T. This is mostly due to companies similar to Olive IP whom have skipped out on their bills or willfully violated terms of their contracts with AT&T.

Olive IP has not knowingly distributed any used equipment which originated outside of our organization, and as of this time nearly all of the affected devices have been Bring Your Own Device/BYOD plans in which the subscriber sourced their own equipment. If you sourced your own equipment we recommend you attempt to return your equipment. If you purchased your equipment from Olive IP we will give a prorated refund or credit of the device based on the amount of months it has been in use. Olive IP has removed BYOD options for all Blue Plans for the foreseeable future to eliminate this problem going forward.

For more information please reach out to us at or call (254) 777-5222.

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