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  • Nathan Stone

Blue Plan Changes...Again

We received word that AT&T has changed course again and is not allowing early renewals for the 400GB plans. What this means for you is that should you reach your 400GB data allotment in a month your service will turn off until the anniversary renewal date of that line (if you activated your account on the 5th you will be reactivated on the 5th.)

Obviously this further complicates options for AT&T based services as our expectations before were that the heavier data users may have 3-4 additional bill cycles in a year, but not a huge increase. With these new limits, if you use an excessive amount of data your only path forward as it stands now is to open multiple accounts.

We are aware this is expensive, and untenable for many of you. So we are doing what we can to make it more cost effective by offering a $30 discount to a second AT&T/Blue plan SIM on an account. This means your monthly recurring cost would be $160 for 800GB of data.

If this is not an option for you, we would suggest a conversion to a T-Mobile based account. At this time we can provide unlimited T-Mobile based service on a Mofi device for $100 per month, or an 800GB data capped service on any device (except for the Netgear MR1100) for $110.

I am certain many of you will have questions and concerns about this change that may not be addressed in this article. If so, please direct all inquiries to and a service representative will work with you to resolve your questions.

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