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  • How Does The Service Work?
    We use a 4G LTE signal to establish the internet connection. In most cases, you just need our LTE Gateway to get the service. However, we recommend having us check the coverage and tower proximity for your service address to determine expected service quality prior to placing the order. General Rule of thumb is that if you have 3-4 bars of cellular signal (using any of the three major networks) you'd have great service using our basic setup. If you have lower than 3-4 bars of signal we'd recommend adding on an external antenna kit to ensure you have sufficient signal.
  • What Is My Data Cap?
    You can locate your data plan limit by logging into your portal. It is listed both on the account details page and within the description of your data plan subscription. Contact us if you'd like to upgrade your data plan
  • How Fast Is It?
    Because the service is based on a wireless 4G LTE connection, speeds vary based on network coverage, tower proximity, and network traffic. While we don’t guarantee speeds, we can check the different network parameters for your service address to estimate the service quality prior to you placing your order.
  • Is This Service Available Where I Live?
    The service is available anywhere you can find cell service. As long as you have 4G LTE signal, we should be able to get you connected. Please contact us to determine service eligibility and the equipment needed.
  • Can I Stream Movies and TV Shows?
    Yes, you can stream unlimited video in up to 1080p resolution. There are no data caps or usage limits for video streams. Please contact us if you plan on using streaming services for local programming as we may need to add additional features to your account.
  • Can I Game Online?
    Yes! Our service is generally low latency, making it ideal for most gaming applications. However, 4G LTE networks utilize private IP addresses with a Carrier Grade NAT that may result in a ‘Strict NAT’ or ‘NAT Type 3’ error for online gaming on a console. You can lease a static IP to resolve the NAT type if the ‘Strict NAT’ or ‘NAT Type 3’ error prevents you from gaming online. We would advise however that any game file downloads or updates exceeding 50gb NOT be downloaded as most plans do have a data limit. Contact us here for more details.
  • Is There a Trial Period?
    Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial for the service along with a 14-day return/exchange policy for the equipment that starts from the activation date.
  • Is There a Contract?
    No. The service is on a month by month, prepaid basis. So feel free to cancel at any time, and we will set your account to cancel at your next renewal date.
  • Do I Need a Cell Booster?
    In most cases, the LTE Gateway should be able to establish the internet connection on its own. However, for service addresses with poor 4G LTE coverage we offer antennas and signal booster kits to improve signal reception. Please contact us to determine whether an antenna or signal booster kit would be recommended or needed for stable connectivity.
  • What If It Doesnt Work For Me?
    No problem. If we can't get our system to work to your satisfaction within 14 days of delivery we offer a 14-day service guarantee along with a 14-day return/exchange policy for the equipment. If the service isn’t working out, please contact us via email, or phone to cancel. Please note: a 15% restocking fee applies to all returns. Full details on our return policy can be found here.
  • What Is The Difference Between My Modem And My Router?
    Your modem is the device used to bring in the internet signal, while your router is the device used to distribute WiFi in your home. While some carriers provide integrated modem/router hybrids, we do not provide that equipment since we would prefer to help you find a wireless router that meets the needs of your home.
  • Can I Use A Router I Already Own?
    Our service is compatible with almost all standalone wireless routers. We are not compatible with integrated modem/router hybrids from DSL, Cable, or Satellite internet providers such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Windstream, Spectrum, Grande Communications, Hughesnet, or ViaSat. Typical compatible router brands would be Netgear, Linksys, Asus, TP Link, Mikrotik, Google WiFi, Eero, Ubiquiti. If you need guidance in selecting a router please feel free to contact us for a WiFi specialist to assess your needs and recommend a custom solution for you.
  • I Have Multiple Buildings I Need To Connect. Do I Need More Than One Account?
    If you have more than one location on the same property we can work with you to connect all of your buildings with no additional accounrs required. Contact us to speak with a network specialist to create a custom solution for you.
  • Do You Guarantee a Minimum Speed?
    No. Unfortunately every cell tower, home, and modem is different, which can mean varying results. We do offer a 7 day trial period to help you determine if the service is fast enough to support your needs. We can also estimate your expected speed if you call us at (254) 777-5222 during normal business hours.
  • How Do I Know Which Plan to Sign Up For?
    We offer service through the largest LTE data networks. Unofrtunately due to our contracts with them, we cannot advertise which is which so we have them colored appropriately based on their company colors. In general, whichever cell carrier has the best/fastest service at your home is the one you should get started with.
  • What Is a BYOD Plan?
    BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. This means you either already own a compatible LTE modem, or you are purchasing one from a vendor other than Olive IP. While we do not mind when you do this, we do not offer a trial period for these accounts since we cannot guarantee proper operation of the equipment, installation of the SIM card, or your device's status with the carrier of your choice. Contact us to get setup with a sim only data plan for your LTE gateway device.
  • When Will I Be Billed For Service?
    We regularly charge our customers on the 15th of each month. On your initial invoice you will see any activation and equipment charges due, plus a prorated amount from the invoice date through the 14th of the month. A separate invoice will be created on the 15th of each month for your regular monthly recurring service fee.
  • Why Does the BYOD Plan Say It Is Cheaper In Checkout?
    The BYOD plan is set to start the day you sign up and will charge a prorated amount from the day you sign up through the 14th of the month. This is an unfortunate flaw in our management software which we are trying to fix. In the meantime we would recommend calling us at (254) 777-5222 so we can set your subscription to start on the activation date as opposed to the sign up date.
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Set Up?
    We generally quote 3-5 business days to activate and deliver your equipment depending on your location. We ship out all orders via Fedex Express 2Day. Expedited/ Overnight shipping can be made available via Fedex at an additional cost, or you can coordinate with us to pick up in our office in Waco.
  • Who Installs It?
    Our standard offer includes self-installation. Don't worry though, it is pretty simple. The majority of the time it is plug and play, but if it is not we offer resources to guide you through the process including step by step manuals, videos, phone support, and potentially remote desktop support. If you are inside of our service region (central Texas) we also offer professional installation at an additional cost. Contact us at (254) 777-5222 for more details.
  • Can This Work With Bad Cell Reception?
    Maybe. We work with multiple carriers and find that the vast majority of folks are able to be covered by at least one carrier with acceptable speed. If it is a matter of poor cell reception in general, or poor reception in your home, additional equipment such as a cell booster or a high gain exterior antenna could resolve this problem for you. Please contact us at (254) 777-5222 for additional details.
  • Do You Offer In-Person Service?
    Yes, inside our eligible service areas. We offer in-person service in house or through a contracting partner in Central, North and East Texas, Oklahoma, Eastern Washington, and North West Idaho. Call us at (254) 777-5222 for details and rates.
  • What is Your Cancellation Policy?
    We offer all accounts on a month to month basis with no term contract in place. If you choose to cancel your account at any time, your cancellation request will be processed as a non-renewal, meaning we will cease new billing for you and cancel service on the renewal date of your account. Prorated refunds for unused days of service after cancelling will not be offered per our terms of service.
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