The future of rural internet service is here!

Olive IP's fixed LTE Internet Service allows you to stream, game and browse on your terms!


The Olive IP staff is aware of the strain and hardship created by this National State of Emergency. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish each of you the best as we press on through crisis.

Over the last 2 months we have experienced major changes to all Blue plans, at the hand of the carrier. We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience you may have experienced as a result. We acknowledge your issues and are working to implement the following action plan for affected subscribers.


  • Transition as many affected Blue Plan subscribers to Pink Plans as possible. This is not a silver bullet as the Pink network does not have the same footprint, so it is possible that this transition would not work for you.

  • Transition existing Unlimited Blue Plan subscribers to the currently available 400GB capped plan.

  • Suspend current active services and billing until such a time as a suitable product becomes available again.


Effective immediately: We can no longer guarantee customers the renewal of any Legacy Blue Plan or Unlimited Premier Blue plan. This means your plan can turn off at any time and no refunds for lost days of service will be given. Due to this, we are encouraging everyone to transition to an Unlimited Premier Pink Plan. Many of our Legacy customers are experiencing unstable network service. Due to this unfortunate circumstance outside of our control, we are offering to upgrade every Blue Plan customer to Pink with no activation fees and no additional fees until your next plan renewal. For those customers who switched from a Blue Plan to a Pink Plan, we will be offering a prorated credit of $20 on your next billing cycle.


If you are not currently experiencing the outage there is likely not a need to transition as not all subscribers will be affected by these changes by the carrier.


Transition Information:

If you choose to transition to a Pink Plan we will send you a replacement SIM card at no additional cost. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing and shipment. You can also purchase a T-Mobile branded SIM card locally and send us that ICCID number to activate within 24 hours.


We will be making every effort to continue to provide quality services to support our customers. We appreciate your patience and ongoing business, and wish you the best in these trying times.



Ultra-fast, fiber fed cell phone towers on the nations largest and best networks broadcast the signal from multiple locations to bring high speed internet to hard-to-reach places, even places with no line of sight!


Our system is literally "Plug & Play". It is very fast and simple to install. No satellites, no wires! We are confident that everyone, from millenials to baby-boomers can install it themselves, but if you cant make it work we are always here to help guide you through the process.


High or no data limits, no throttle. Start streaming, gaming and browsing as much as you want, on your terms with fast speeds, low latency, and no data caps!

Whether you are a rancher or a suburbanite, we can get you connected!



Olive IP is a multi-generational company with roots in Central Texas. We have a wide range of technical experience, from building and operating point to point wireless services, to satellite, DSL, and Cable internet services. We have seen the gamut of previously available options, and are thrilled to be able to offer internet services that can finally serve the needs of rural residents.


We want to see homes and communities connected to the internet on their terms. We are on a mission to eliminate the compromise between rural living and modern convenience. Whether you are a rancher, commuter or a suburbanite, we are here to help you work and play the way you want to.


We work with the nation's best cell networks to provide you with unlimited internet, right where you are. Unlike a traditional LTE hotspot, our services do not come with data caps, unlike point to point wireless services, we don't need line of sight, and unlike satellite and fixed wireless services, we can provide ultra fast latency so you can chat and game to your heart's content.





BYOD Plans are excluded from any free trial offer and subject to acceptance from the carrier partner.

*Not a guarantee of download or upload speeds. Actual speed subject to hardware and bandwidth availability. Speak to a sales representative for a more accurate estimation.

**Billing cycle runs from the date of activation through a 30 day cycle. Early renewal of billing cycle is available upon request.

***Netgear MR1100 router is not a compatible device.

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